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Upcoming Events

27 Feb 2024

Event at the British Parliament, London [UK]

Matthias J. Becker, Matthew Bolton, and Karolina Placzynta, presentation of Discourse Report 6, with the All Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism (organised by the Antisemitism Policy Trust and hosted by Andrew Percy MP).

04 Mar 2024

Event at CRIF France (in French), Paris [France]

Alexis Chapelan and Laura Ascone, presentation “Combattre l’antisémitisme après le 7 octobre.” 2-hour conference with representatives from academia and civil society.

05 Mar 2024

Analysing antisemitism after 7 October at the Jewish Community Centre London (JW3) [UK]

07 Mar 2024

Event with UK Lawyers for Israel, webinar series, London [UK]

Matthew Bolton, presentation of Discourse Report 6, online event.

Past Events

22 Feb 2024

Conference “Decoding Antisemitism: Impulse zur Bekämpfung von Antisemitismus online” (in German), Technische Universität Berlin [Germany]

In dialogue with cooperation partners from the field, this conference will offer practical examples of how to address and combat antisemitism online. The event aims to bridge the gap between research and civil society, and to provide a framework for exchange between scientific, educational and civil society actors in the prevention and education work against antisemitism online.

14 Feb 2024

Talk at Freie Universität Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker, presentation “Antisemitismus nach dem 7. Oktober – Ergebnisse aus der Social Media-Forschung” (organised by Prof. Barbara Pfetsch, Division Communication Theory and Media Effects).

23-25 Jan 2024

Workshop in the context of the travelling exhibition “Humans of the Holocaust,” Bamberg [Germany]

Pia Haupeltshofer and Victor Tschiskale: Workshop on post-Shoah and Israel-related antisemitism.

17-19 Dec 2023

Association for Jewish Studies 55th annual conference, San Francisco [USA]

Alexis Chapelan: “Manufacturing counter-history. The revival of the antisemitic conspiracy theory of Hitler’s Jewish origins, from the fringes to the mainstream.”

12 Dec 2023

Workshop: Preventing antisemitism in schools, Magdeburg [Germany]

Pia Haupeltshofer, “Identifying antisemitism in social media.”

06 Dec 2023

Educational Sessions with Holocaust Educational Trust

Karolina Placzynta: The Decoding Antisemitism project and its analysis of the Hamas terrorist attacks on the 7th october.

03-05 Dec 2023

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists International Conference

Matthias J. Becker: “Online antisemitism in international contexts and ways to track it.”

29 Nov 2023

Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism & Policy (ISGAP) webinar series: Understanding and Fighting the Current Explosion of Antisemitism

Dr Matthias J. Becker, “Decoding Antisemitism online after the October 7th Massacre.”

15-16 Nov 2023

International Conference “Holocaust Distortion and Counter Strategies”, Topographie des Terrors, Berlin [Germany]

Matthew Bolton will talk about the current state of antisemitism-related social media studies.
08 Nov 2023

USC Shoah Foundation ‘Antisemitism Lecture Series’

Matthias J. Becker: “Decoding Antisemitism: Recognizing and Tracking Online Hate.”
19 Oct 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 7: Educational strategies for online hate speech awareness, prevention and reaction

Speakers: Özen Odağ (Touro College Berlin & RESPOND! Project, Germany), Malte Holler (Bildung im Widerspruch, Germany) & Miško Stanišić (Terraforming & ENCATE Network, Serbia).

12 Oct 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 6: Automated detection of online hate speech

Speakers: Helena Mihaljević (HTW Berlin & Decoding Antisemitism, ZfA at TU Berlin, Germany), Julia Mendelsohn (University of Michigan School of Information, USA) & Savvas Zannettou (University of Delft, Netherlands & Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany).

10 Oct 2023

Online event: “When science and technology meet society – AI and Antisemism,” Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM)

Matthias J. Becker: “An Interdisciplinary Identification of Online Antisemitism: The ‘Decoding Antisemitism’ Research Project.”

05 Oct 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 5: Multimodal analysis of online hate speech

Speakers: Janina Wildfeuer (University of Groningen, Netherlands), Dimitris Serafis (University of Groningen, Germany), Marcus Scheiber (Decoding Antisemitism, ZfA at TU Berlin, Germany) & Inari Sakki (University of Helsinki, Finland).

28 Sep 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 4: Normalisation of hate speech in online spaces

Speakers: Susan Benesch (Harvard University & Dangerous Speech Project, USA), Joe Mulhall (Hope not Hate, UK) & Murilo Henrique Cambruzzi (Observatory on Antisemitism, Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea, Italy).

26 Sep 2023

“Den Holocaust verharmlosen: Antisemitismus in den sozialen Medien,” Topographie des Terrors, Berlin [Germany]

Vortrag von Matthias J. Becker & Marcus Scheiber, Moderation: Juliane Wetzel (ZfA).

25-26 Sep 2023

3. Fachkonferenz: “Im toten Winkel – Rechtsextreme auf alternativen und etablierten Plattformen,” Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker: “Antisemitismus und der „Mainstream“: Einblicke aus Deutschland, Großbritannien und Frankreich.”

20-22 Sep 2023

6th ILLA Conference: Law, language and legal knowledge. Global processes and local practices, Jagiellonian University, Kraków [Poland]

Matthias J. Becker: “Patterns of antisemitic hate in politically moderate discourses.”

21 Sep 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 3: Quantitative and statistical analysis of online hate speech

Speakers: Daniel Miehling (Technical University Berlin, Germany), Julian Hargreaves (Woolf Institute, UK) & Stefan Munnes (The WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany).

14 Sep 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 2: Discourse analytical approaches to online hate speech. What is its social impact?

Speakers: Benno Herzog (University of Valencia, Spain), Monika Kopytowska (University of Łódź, Poland) & Johannes Angermuller (Open University, UK).

04-08 Sep 2023

ECPR General Conference 2023, Charles University, Prague [Czech Republic]

Matthias J. Becker & Alexis Chapelan: talk “‘Wasn’t he, though?’ Mapping digital responses to an antisemitic conspiracy theory: an analysis of social media users’ endorsement of the myth of Hitler’s Jewish origins.”


07 Sep 2023

Our Autumn Workshop Series – Workshop 1: Qualitative analyses of online hate speech and the challenge of grey areas of meaning

Speakers: Joachim Scharloth (Waseda University, Japan), Victoria Guillén Nieto (University of Alicante, Spain) & Matthias J. Becker (Decoding Antisemitism, ZfA at TU Berlin, Germany).

21-25 Aug 2023

Summer school “Antisemitism and Xenophobia in the Baltic Sea Region,” Kulice [Poland]

Guest lecturer: Karolina Placzynta.


25-28 Jul 2023

DNC5ALED: Discourses and their impacts on a world of multiple crises, Valencia [Spain]

Conference organised by Johannes Angermuller, The Open University [UK].

Karolina Placzynta/Matthias J. Becker: “Decoding Antisemitism in European Online Discourses: Similarities and Differences in the Reproduction of Stereotypes in German, French and British Mainstream Debates on the Internet.”

Alexis Chapelan: “Deviant communities” online? Articulating and negotiating support for antisemitic public figures on social media. The case of Dieudonné and Alain Soral’s social media ban in 2020.″

26 Jul 2023

Coalition to Counter Online Antisemitism (CCOA) Country Call Germany, Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker gives a presentation of the Decoding Antisemitism project.

27-28 Jun 2023

Second Summit – Interparliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism, Brussels [Belgium]

Matthias J. Becker in the role of an advisor.

28 Jun 2023

Online Lunch Talk by ENCATE, Berlin [Germany]

Karolina Placzynta: “Intersections of misogyny with antisemitism and counter speech in British online discourse.”

Click here for registration.

22 Jun 2023

Online Research Colloquium at the Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker gives a presentation of the Decoding Antisemitism project.

21 Jun 2023

Research Colloquium at Moses Mendelssohn Centre at the University of Potsdam [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker gives a presentation of the Decoding Antisemitism project.

12-14 Jun 2023

5th International Conference on European Studies, Zurich [Switzerland]

Alexis Chapelan: “Wasn’t he though?” A corpus analysis of French and British social media users’ endorsement of the myth of Hitler’s Jewish origins.

12 Jun 2023

EU-IL High-Level Seminar on combating racism, xenophobia and antisemitism, Jerusalem [Israel]

Matthias J. Becker: Presentation of the project.

09 Jun 2023

Online DiscourseNet seminar: Discursive approaches in human sciences, Paris [France]

Laura Ascone: Presentation of the project (“Analyse discursive de contenus antisémites sur le web”).

25-26 May 2023

“New Directions in Antisemitism Research” workshop, Oslo [Norway]

Event organised by Johannes Due Enstad (Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Research, University of Oslo).

Matthias J. Becker: Presentation of the project.

24 May 2023

Decoding Antisemitism on social media: Kanye West, Qatar and the promise of AI

Online event in cooperation with the London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism, 7pm (CET).

12 May 2023

From Dieudonné to Kanye West, changes and continuities in the digital ecosystems of antisemitism

Hybrid event (french) in cooperation with the Mémorial de la Shoah, 3pm (CET).


10-11 May 2023

Community Event “Delete Cache – Was Zivilgesellschaft und Tech für ein Netz ohne Hass tun können,” @bUm Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker: Workshop “Decoding Antisemitism: Judenfeindschaft im Online-Mainstream erkennen” (11 May, 2 pm CET).

28-30 Apr 2023

Workshop for influencers at the Tel Aviv Institute, Tel Aviv [Israel]

Speaker: Matthias J. Becker.


27 Apr 2023

Respond! Expert Colloquium, Berlin [Germany]

Speaker: Matthias J. Becker.


21 Apr 2023

Detecting Hate: Berlin impulses in the research of digital hate [Germany]

Event at bUm in cooperation with HTW Berlin and BAG “Gegen Hass im Netz,” 4pm (CET).


05-06 Apr 2023

Kick-off Event Drudel e.V., Jena [Germany]

“deras_on” – new project on deradicalisation of extremists, in close cooperation with the Decoding Antisemitism Team.

Alexis Chapelan will presend a lecture on “Antisemitism in the digital age. A few lessons from studying online antisemitism.”

28 Mar 2023

Actions Matter – The International Antisemitism Summit, Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker: Presentation of the project.


24 Feb 2023

DiscourseNet Seminars – monthly online seminar in Discourse Studies, London [UK]

Karolina Placzynta: “Hate speech online: Reflections, Methods and Goals of the Decoding Antisemitism Project.”


09 Jan 2023

Fachdialog-Reihe „Radikalisierungsprävention im Internet“ der Arbeitsgruppe “Prävention: Internet und Soziale Medien”, Hamburger Behördenkompetenznetzwerk Rechtsextremismus

Expert dialog series on the topic of “Preventing Radicalisation on the Internet” (Working Group “Prevention: Internet and Social Media”) Hamburg Authority Competence Network on Right-Wing Extremism.

Marcus Scheiber will present explicit and implicit forms of antisemitism online as well as current approaches to identify and measure the phenomenon.


08-10 Dec 2022

World Zionist Organization, Department of Combating Antisemitism and Enhancing Resilience: “Antisemitism—Things That Are Not Talked About”

Matthias J. Becker: presentation of the Decoding Antisemitism project.


01-03 Dec 2022

The Digital Research Data and Human Sciences (DRDHum) conference at the University of Jyväskylä [Finland]

Laura Ascone, Karolina Placzynta, and Hagen Troschke “Antisemitic hate speech in social media comments. Interdisciplinary mixed-methods corpus studies.”

27-29 Nov 2022

Jews Talk Justice Lab, The Tel Aviv Institute, Toronto, & Jewish Communities in Canada


16-17 Nov 2022

European Commission, Civil Society Forum on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, Brussels [Belgium]

Matthias J. Becker: presentation of current approaches to identify and measure antisemitism online; workshop on ‘Combating online antisemitism.’


10-11 Nov 2022

Lecture “Can hate be quantified?” Mannheim; in German [Germany]

Following the conference “Antisemitism in the Social Web,” the evening lecture held by Marcus Scheiber will examine new trends in online antisemitism, such as platform migration and the power of algorithms.

08 Nov 2022

Lecture “Polish-German-Jewish relations in contemporary media: narratives and stereotypes,” University of Szczecin; in Polish [Poland]

Karolina Placzynta will held the lecture covering the media portrayal of the relations between the Polish, German and Jewish communities, through the analysis of contemporary examples of discourse. The lecture is a part of a series on Jewish life in the region.


26 Oct 2022

Presentation of the 4th Discourse Report at the Wiener Holocaust Library, London [UK]

Event at the Wiener Holocaust Library, 6.30pm local time // Matthew Bolton and Karolina Placzynta: Presentation of the project’s 4th Discourse Report.

22-24 Oct 2022

Jews Talk Justice Lab, The Tel Aviv Institute, Los Angeles [USA]

Matthias J. Becker: presentation of the Decoding Antisemitism project and workshop on explicit and implicit antisemitic hate speech.


19 Oct 2022

Lecture: Gabriel Weimann “New Trends in Online Antisemitism” at Einstein Center, Berlin [Germany]

Following our conference “Hate Speech on the Internet – Identifying Digital Antisemitism,” the evening lecture of Prof Weimann will examine new trends in online antisemitism, such as platform migration and the power of algorithms.

18-19 Oct 2022

Hate Speech – an Interdisciplinary Approach. An international workshop at TU Berlin, ZfA [Germany]

In collaboration with Adv. Ido Rosenzweig (The Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, University of Haifa, Israel) and Prof. Martin Emmer (Institute for Media and Communication Studies, FU Berlin; Weizenbaum Institute Berlin), both of whom are members of our project’s Advisory Board.

19 Oct 2022

Conference “Hate Speech on the Internet – Identifying Digital Antisemitism” (in German), Einstein Center Digital Future Berlin [Germany]

The conference will focus on current forms of antisemitism in social media. Experts from various fields of research will address the topic from different perspectives and shed light on current manifestations and trends.

13 Oct 2022

Conference “Social Media and Politics in the Field of Hate and Agitation,” FH Meißen; in German [Germany]

Marcus Scheiber: “Hate Speech – Hate and incitement on the net as a challenge of our digitalised world.”

29-30 Sep 2022

Symposium “Digital Hate” Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin [Germany]

Matthias J. Becker: “Decoding Antisemitism.”

21-24 Sep 2022

13th Francoromanists Conference, Vienna; in French [Austria]

Alexis Chapelan presents the paper “L’antisémitisme comme « victimisation performative » dans les discours anti-Pass Sanitaire: analyse des modalités de construction d’un récit victimaire dans les commentaires des internautes sur les réseaux sociaux.”

19-20 Sep 2022

Summer school “Current Dynamics and Challenges of Anti-Semitism” at TU Berlin [in German]

Matthias J. Becker & Jan Krasni: “Decoding Antisemitism.” Recognising implicit forms of antisemitism.

11-13 Sep 2022

London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism conference: 21st Century Antisemitism

Matthew Bolton & Matthias J. Becker “The Decoding Antisemitism Project – Reflections, Methods and Goals.”

28 Aug 2022 – 04 Sep 2022

Summer school “Antisemitism and Xenophobia in the Baltic Sea Region” in Kulice, Poland

Our colleague Karolina Placzynta will take part in this event that is co-organised by the University of Szczecin, International Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies; Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) at the University of Greifswald; Lund University.

Two guest lectures on contemporary antisemitism, xenophobia, and anti-Islamic ideologies in media and social media, and Fake news, conspiracy theories and far-right extremist propaganda.

28 Aug 2022

Tel Aviv Institute Summer School Tel Aviv, Israel [in English]

Lecture by Matthias J. Becker: “Antisemitism: In Secret Code.”

25 Aug 2022

Training event for state attorneys in Neumünster, Germany

Jan Krasni: Hate speech online: Definitions, findings, and the current state of research. Perspectives from Linguistics and Media Studies [in German].

07-19 Aug 2022

ISGAP – Oxford Summer Institute for Curriculum Development in Critical Antisemitism Studies

Matthias J. Becker & Matthew Bolton “The Decoding Antisemitism Project – Reflections, Methods and Goals.”

31 Jul 2022 – 02 Aug 2022

ISGAP – Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity Revisited, at the University of Cambridge, UK

Matthias J. Becker & Matthew Bolton “The Decoding Antisemitism Project – Reflections, Methods and Goals.”

07-09 Jul 2022

International Conference on Online Hate Speech, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

Matthias J. Becker: Presentation of the Annotation Process within the Decoding Antisemitism Project.

29 Jun 2022

COMMUNITY EVENT 2022 – stark vernet(t)zt

Workshop with Marcus Scheiber (TU Berlin) und Hendrik Bitzmann (BAG “Gegen Hass im Netz”): Wie erkennen wir Antisemitismus im Netz?

21 Jun 2022


“OBJEKTIV BEGRIFFEN, SUBJEKTIV BETROFFEN: Zum Verhältnis von Kategorien und Wahrnehmung bei Antisemitismus und Rassismus” 20. & 21. Juni 2022 Universität Leipzig.

PODIUM: Soziale Medien als Verstärker von empörten Debatten und der Einfluss auf die politische Bildung.”

Stephan Anpalagan, Journalist, Essen
Matthias J. Becker, Zentrum für Antisemitis­musforschung, Technische Universität Berlin
Eva Berendsen, Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, Frankfurt/Main.

18-20 May 2022

The Diverse Approaches to Hate Speech: Debates, Challenges, and Controversies conference in Paris, France

Laura Ascone “A guideline for decoding the different levels of antisemitic hate speech.”

19 May 2022

Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, University of London

Matthias J. Becker “The Decoding Antisemitism Project – Reflections, Methods and Goals.”


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