Announcement: “deras_on” – new project on deradicalisation of extremists, in close cooperation with the Decoding Antisemitism Team.



Presenting: our new project in collaboration with the association Drudel 11 e.V.

The topic of antisemitism on the web is dramatically increasing in importance. Antisemitism can be found especially in the much-used daily online media. How can we counter those who spread it? What possibilities are there for social and pedagogical impact?

These are the questions addressed by our new project “deras_on – Deradicalisation Antisemitism Online,” launched together with the Jena-based association Drudel 11 e.V. at the beginning of the year. “Our goal is to take a close look at right-wing extremists who express antisemitism online in order to explore possibilities for addressing and deradicalising them and to develop concrete strategy recommendations for academia, politics and practice,” explains Dr Andreas Prokop, network coordinator and head of the project at Drudel 11 e.V.

The project is carried out in accordance with the funding guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research “Current and Historical Dynamics of Right-Wing Extremism and Racism.” Based on a targeted expansion of the knowledge base on right-wing extremism, as well as on dimensions and dynamics of radicalisation on the internet, it addresses knowledge gaps and promotes better networking of research actors. The project is funded as part of the Humanities and Social Sciences programme “Understanding Society – Shaping the Future.”

Learn more about the project itself and our cooperation with Drudel11 e.V.: