Drudel 11 x Decoding Antisemitism

Drudel 11 e. V.  is a recognised youth welfare organisation, focusing on showing young people new perspectives, as well as encouraging and accompanying them in discovering their strengths. Founded in 1993, the Jena-based organisation runs projects ranging from local services, such as street social work and a youth education centre, to a Thuringia-wide exit counselling service, to nationally accessible digital training for violence prevention and integration. 

Decoding Antisemitism and Drudel 11 initiated a close cooperation in the beginning of 2023 with the joint project deras_on: Deradicalization Antisemitism Online funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project’s goal is to take a close look at right-wing extremists who express antisemitism online in order to explore possibilities for addressing and deradicalising them, and to develop concrete strategy recommendations for academia, politics and practice. 

Within the project, Drudel 11 is mainly responsible for the development of an adequate online approach and corresponding online work. The aim is to establish personal contact with the target group – the users of antisemitic codes and develop evidence-based recommendations for action by testing practical intervention options. Decoding Antisemitism conducts appropriate research and will provide Drudel 11 with catalogues of current linguistic, semiotic and argumentative patterns of antisemitic prejudice, with the future aim of also developing an AI module for detecting hate speech in online interactions.

The project is carried out in the framework of the funding guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research “Current and Historical Dynamics of Right-Wing Extremism and Racism.” Based on a targeted expansion of the knowledge base on right-wing extremism, as well as on dimensions and dynamics of radicalisation on the internet, it addresses knowledge gaps and promotes better networking of research actors. 


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