Discourse Report

Fifth Discourse Report

The fifth Discourse Report comprises three different case studies. The first case study deals with the reactions to the antisemitic statements of the rapper Kanye West. Social media users in France and Great Britain tend to either deny, relativise or affirm Kanye West’s antisemitism. In addition, conspiracy theoretical content, such as the idea of Jewish control over media and public opinion, was disseminated by the users.

Two additional case studies shed light on comments on antisemitic incidents during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the UK and reactions to Netanyahu’s election victory in Germany. In both case studies, antisemitic comments reveal a one-sided view of the Middle East conflict, in which Israel is portrayed as the sole cause of all existing problems and conflicts.

Finally, the report offers insights into the evaluation of existing tools for the automatic detection of hate speech. Our colleagues from the data science department at HTW Berlin show their shortcomings and blind spots and contrast them with the results of their own cutting-edge work based on a transfer learning approach.


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