Announcement: Anthology

New Interdisciplinary Anthology:

Antisemitism in Online Communication: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Hate Speech in the Twenty-First Century
The volume reflects the current reality of contemporary antisemitic hate speech online in mainstream discourses and analyses its ability to remain hidden in plain sight by continuously adapting to the current context. Based on a solid foundation of traditional antisemitic studies, as well as linguistics, semiotics, history and philosophy, it draws on singular data and up-to-date multidisciplinary approaches.
The studies presented in the anthology are based on empirical analysis of content published in the comments sections of online news outlets and social media platforms in the past three years. Its authors make use of not just the uniquely vast dataset of annotated online content collected over the course of the “Decoding Antisemitism” project, but also their individual academic and professional backgrounds. The multidisciplinary approach of this volume, combined with thorough linguistic pattern analysis, provides a fresh look at the extent and forms of online antisemitic hate speech in Great Britain, France and Germany with the potential to impact the future of the academic study of hate speech. The volume aims to give a full picture of contemporary antisemitism on every level: in terms of its mixed-methods approach, the cross-disciplinary outlook, and the wide range of themes encompassing media, society, and culture.
The structure of the anthology reflects the research process we follow throughout the project: from the development of selected conceptual questions in the context of antisemitism studies, to linguistic and discourse analytical case studies centred on the reproduction, support, and rejection of antisemitic tropes, including the emergence of antisemitic memes, to quantitative assessments and AI-related research questions from the field of data science.
Publication planned for June 2024!


TU Berlin
Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung (ZfA)
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 104–106, 10553 Berlin