DNC5ALED: Discourses and their impacts on a world of multiple crises, Valencia [Spain]

Karolina Placzynta/Matthias J. Becker: “Decoding Antisemitism in European Online Discourses: Similarities and Differences in the Reproduction of Stereotypes in German, French and British Mainstream Debates on the Internet”.

Alexis Chapelan: “Deviant communities” online? Articulating and negotiating support for antisemitic public figures on social media. The case of Dieudonné and Alain Soral’s social media ban in 2020.”

Conference report published

The follow-up report of the conference “Hate Speech on the Internet – Identifying Digital Antisemitism” at Einstein Center Digital Future Berlin has been published [in German].

Job advertisement

The Center for the research on Antisemitism (ZfA) is looking for a project member to work on online deradicalisation strategies as soon as possible. Applications are welcome until 6 January.